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Wellness consists of more than just taking supplements, eating the perfect foods, exercising 30-60 min per day, or getting the proper health checkups.  While those things are great, wellness is about being happy, feeling inspired, knowing that you are fulfilled in life, and having the confidence to achieve your personal goals.  In other words, wellness is a holistic concept involving the spirit, soul, and body!

This blog is dedicated to the countless women who are multi-tasking, super busy, energy depleted, in need of new and fresh ideas, appreciation starved, stressed out: mothers, wives, sisters, employees, and entrepreneurs who need an extra boost to feel successful in life.  It is my passion to motivate you weekly with fresh information, links, posts, recommendations, and words of encouragement  that will help make life a little easier and inspire you to “Experience Life on a Healthier Level!”


Winter Relationship Health: Rename Cabin Fever

winter weather 1

Ps. 133
Get up…go to work…go to school…come home…do chores…go to bed…get up…go to work…go to school…come home…do chores…go to bed….

We all know how this sorry goes,because most of us live it! Every family has it’s theme music that we play over and over. It is until one of the players get out of sync that we even notice that it’s been on REPEAT for a while!

Due to the lack of sunshine and the limitations on physical activity, it can be challenging for some to maintain a positive attitude. Illnesses are frequent, travel is difficult and therefore minor irritations can become major episodes in our homes.

Winter can be one of the most advantageous times of the year in which we can use to build meaningful relationships. Let’s take advantage of being “cooped up” inside together, here are a few tips:

1. Play word association games during long car rides/traffic..it will really be amusing to see how differently we process information!
2. Take the time to skip the chores for a day and plan an indoor picnic with the family.
3. Get a list of everyone’s favorite funny movie or sitcoms and choose a weeknight to watch it (for the sake of fairness, pick them from a hat/bowl).

family movie night 2
4. To get everyone moving, push the furniture back and dance with the stars!!! Dancing is one of the best exercises and mood elevators around. Being indoors and with people you love is the perfect time to strut your stuff and even get a couple of laughs.

So don’t let this winter bring you the blues, but instead take the opportunity to create peace, joy and unity in your family by being together on purpose!

LaShun Franklin, M.A. Psychotherapist

Avoid Winter Wild Hair

wild  hairshampoo conditioner

We are only weeks away from the official title of winter, but it feels like we’ve been in winter for a while now. The season has changed from sweater weather to heavy coat and scarf weather.   In years past, I would cover my head up every now and then, but this time I have committed to covering up the whole winter.

The cold weather can do some extra special things to our hair, not to mention the constant change from cold to indoor heat.  Those things can be avoided if we modify the shampoo, conditioner, drying methods, and protective measures that we use on our hair each season.  While many of us don’t think about changing our hair care regimen with the seasons, we probably need to.

Whether your hair is natural or processed, you should study to know what it needs every step of the way.  It’s kind of like eating seasonally.  We better suit our bodies when we eat vegetables and fruit that are harvested within the current season.  It’s no different with our hair.  We have to give it special attention when the environment shifts and the seasons change as well.  Both indoor winter heat and outdoor summer heat can cause hair to be crispy, dry, and full of split or brittle ends.

This winter, I chose to do some additional research for products that I should invest in to keep my hair and the hair of my 3 daughters healthy, so we could avoid winter wild hair.  In the process, I found a great website that I am so pleased to share with you.  I hope you find some great tips on maintaining healthy hair on this web link.

Enjoy!! – Dr.C

Learn Best Winter Hair Care Tips

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Inbox Full


You just got home from work and the fam is hungry, kids needs help with homework, the dogs need attention, and your husband isn’t home yet.  Maybe some of you don’t have any children, dogs, or a husband, but you have plenty of other things to keep you busy.  Assignments have followed you home, only to consume your personal time with work related items.  Work is on your mind and your mind on work.  You want to de-stress, but you can’t stop thinking about all of the things that you have to do when you get finished doing what you are doing now.  Today you have to do this….tonight you have to do that…..next week, next month and the list goes on an on.  How do you de-stress when your inbox is full at work and at home?

While there are myriad ways of de-stressing, one powerful regimen that you can develop at the end of the evening is to use aqua and aroma therapy to help you maintain a sense of calm, peace, and relaxation.  In other words, take a nice warm bath and light some candles!  Essential oils of chamomile and lavender used sparingly under running water or chamomile/lavender infused bath gels, body washes, or soap are also mild forms of aroma therapy that will help usher a sense of peace and calm – so you can rest peacefully and have the energy and strength necessary to tackle the inboxes of your life.


What are some ways that you de-stress when your inbox is over the top?

Blessings ~